Hiberus Tecnologías de la Información S.L.

Hiberus is part of one of the leading business groups in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in Spain. HIBERUS's staff is composed by 350 employees. Total sales of 20M€ € at the end of the prior year.

Our Mission is Based our technology and a rigorous and committed team, we help public and private organizations to implement information and communication technologies as a vehicle to improve their business processes, making them more efficient. Thus, helping these companies Hiberus will become one of the leading Information Systems consulting firms, basing growth on dual knowledge (IT and business/market needs).

With a long term vision Hiberus is born as a business project aimed towards contributing a high added- value in all the activity fields in which it operates and thus guaranteeing our customers satisfaction.

HIBERUS is a provider of software prototype.